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Victoria's provider of BOXING INSPIRED group fitness classes! With both boxing and non boxing class types, our full body workouts ensure our members get the most of their time in our studio. Check out our class options below, we can't wait to meet you.



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Our signature SPAR FITNESS class! Energizing music and low lighting, this BOX TO THE BEAT class will leave you feeling pumped up. A full body workout with a focus on toning and strengthening lower body + core. This is our tried and true FIGHT CLUB meets NIGHT CLUB high intensity class. Accessible for all fitness levels. 50 minutes (or express 40 minutes at noon hour!)


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A half BOXING and half STRENGTH circuit designed to give you a full body workout every class. We utilize the whole studio including gloves and weights. With work on the bag and on the training floor, this one will make you sweat! 50 minutes (or express 40 minutes at noon hour!). **Accessible for all fitness levels, however we do recommend taking at least one BOX + BURN class prior, if you are a newcomer to boxing**


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Grab your weights and bands - get stronger and toned! This total body strength training workout uses a variety of equipment and training methods to build a strong foundation. The music will fuel your fire and our trainers will encourage you to continually progress, so you walk out of class feeling powerful. This class is non boxing. 50 minutes (or express 40 minutes at noon hour!)


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New for 2024 - a highly requested class type! Train like a boxer & champion the technical foundations of the sport. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of shadow boxing, feel the power of hand pads, conquer conditioning drills, and unleash your energy on the bag. This class is not just for the pros—it's accessible to all levels of experience. Get ready to break a sweat, push your limits, and walk away with new skills that'll have you throwing punches like a pro! 50 minutes.