Welcome to SPAR! We are excited to meet you.

New members: It is important you arrive 20 minutes prior to your 1st class to ensure safe set up and a helpful introduction to our studio.

For our boxing classes:

  • Wraps are required to ensure hand and wrist safety (available for purchase in studio [$15-$20] or rent [$4].
    Arriving early allows our team to teach you how to wrap your hands!
  • Complimentary glove use is always included with your class.

For all classes, bring with you:

  • Indoor runners
  • Clothing you feel comfortable working out in


For our boxing classes: 5 minutes prior to class start time, we invite all new boxers into the studio to go over thebasics:

• Stance // Slips // Rolls
• 6 SPAR Punches
• Universal Combos

For our non boxing classes: 5 minutes prior to class start time, our instructor will walk you through the class structure and workout plan!


Your safety and comfort is our 1st priority. We are sorry to say that if you arrive late for your first class, we will be unable to provide you entry.

Equipment can be purchased at the front desk before your class.

Hand Wraps

$15 – $20 + tax

Hand Wrap Rental

$4 + tax

Premium Gloves*

$50 – $89 + tax

*Glove use during class is always complimentary, if you wish to use ours!

Bottled Water

$3 + tax

SPAR Merchandise

Visit us in studio!


Complimentary with every class //
Glove use + towel service
Lockers + water fill station (please bring your own bottle)
Spa like shower and change room facilities, equipped with everything you need to freshen up after class