We are offering daily OPEN GYM time (45min time slots) – 10 INDIVIDUAL SPACES each equipped with your own bag, resistance bands and weights.


A membership or class pack is required to book into OPEN GYM time slots. Our SPAR@HOME on-demand platform will be complimentary to anyone who reactivates an in-studio membership or class pack. These workouts are great to follow along with during open gym time.

Arrive 5MIN before your scheduled time slot – if you are new to the gym the first few minutes of your workout may be spent getting you situated with the studio.


1.  Throw on some ear buds and your favourite SPAR trainer for a guided workout. CLICK HERE to access the SPAR ON DEMAND LIBRARY.
2.  New custom-developed workouts will be posted daily in the studio.
3.  Guide yourself through a workout for up to 45min per session.


Gloves and wraps for hitting the bag, a yoga mat for comfort, water and indoor runners. (Gloves, wraps and water are available for purchase in studio).


  • Spots have been positioned to ensure appropriate physical distancing requirements as outlined by BC Government.
  • Masks are to be worn any time clients are not within their marked area.
  • Please leave all equipment inside you spot so our team can disinfect and reset for the next use. Disinfecting wipes will be available, we encourage you to wipe your equipment before using it.
  • All high-touch areas will be disinfected after each class – doorknobs, washrooms, bottle filler, etc.


  • Hand sanitizer stations & disinfectant wipes are located throughout the common areas and the studio for your use.
  • Front desk staff will wear face masks during their shift.
  • Guests are required to wear a mask anytime they are not within their booked spot.
  • Change rooms and showers will be closed at this time and we ask that guests come dressed in what they plan to work out in.
  • Social distancing floor markers have been placed in common areas to ensure safe traffic flows and appropriate distancing.
  • The front doors will be unlocked 10 minutes before class starts. This is to mitigate mingling before class. Studio doors will also be closed 10 minutes after class ends. We ask that our guests promptly depart the studio after their sweat.
  • All staff will have their temperature taken before beginning their shift or teaching a class. Any evidence of heightened temperature, the staff member will be sent home.
  • We have limited the amount of staff on shift at one time to properly manage social distancing & density guidelines.
  • Prior to entering the studio, each guest’s temperature will be taken with a contactless thermometer. If evidence of heightened temperature, the guest will kindly be asked to not attend.
  • We ask that all guests wear a mask anytime they are in common areas or outside of their booked spot in the room.
  • Aligning with Island Health Guidelines, our Front Desk staff will ask all guests pre-screening questions.